Think of the body as a complex piece of machinery, much like a car: it can go “out of tune” when subjected to the stresses of everyday life such as:

  • prolonged static postures
  • repetitive movements
  • cumulative damage from injuries, accidents and so on

Parts get ‘overheated’ the body incrementally changes to adapt or compensate for the irritation:

  • muscles tighten and knot up
  • cartilage wears
  • swelling occurs
  • scar tissue develops
  • certain moving parts (joints) can “lock up”

The different body parts stop communicating effectively with one another. The involved areas become inflamed; we then feel pain as the “warning sign.”

How do we fix this?

Our approach is simple, yet thorough:

  • Accurately diagnose the problem
  • Relieve the pain & irritation by correcting the mechanical imbalances or “dysfunction”
  • Stabilize the correction through simple exercises. We stress INDEPENDENCE, not dependence on care.
  • Treatment is a process, not an event.
  • We match the most appropriate treatment approach to your individual problem.
  • As your situation changes, your treatment needs change as will your care plan.
  • We weigh your needs and desires when recommending your treatment program.
  • Our primary goal is to actively put you in charge of your health.
  • Our goal is to reduce your dependence on therapy and thus to improve your quality of life.

Remember: The duration of chiropractic care is always up to you!