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Real Reviews from Happy Customers

“Great availability. Excellent chiropractic care, ranging from acute injury to sports medicine. Always have skilled massage therapists on staff. What a great team Forster has!” – Jill Craig

“I love everyone in the office and I feel like part of the family, Love how knowledgeable the staff are. They are super sweet and welcoming. Elizabeth is an awesome message therapist finding and working on muscle groups I didn’t even realize were sore but were connected to those that I did feel pain in. Dr Forster is a pro and the best chiropractor I’ve had. Great personal touch! Great at helping me learn preventive care I can be doing to heal quicker.” – Kelsey Newman

“I go to Forster to get adjusted and I always feel better after my visits. The Doctor is very good at finding just the right adjustments. I overslept & they fit me in anyway – Prompt fast service. Thanks!” – Jacqueline Watkins

“Oh my goodness!!!! I feel so much better already!!!!! I’m a little sore but that’s a whole lot better than pain!!!” – Peggy Westlund

“The staff was amazing and super friendly! Doc was thorough and explained things in a way that was very easy to follow. Great place!” – Rebekah Rivera

“I appreciate the time Dr. Forster takes to explain what’s wrong and how what he’s doing is going to help. One great experience after another. One of my major back pain issues has been fixed, after suffering for 7 years. I’m looking forward to the rest of the pain going away. I always feel better when I leave. I have no qualms about recommending him.” – Heather Baxter

“My massage hit the spot, literally. Dr Forster made me feel relaxed about the manipulation, where I usually tense up and am a bit afraid of it. Everyone is very friendly.” – Shelagh Havlak

“Dr. Forster knew what he was talking about and explained it in a way he knew I could understand. He always kept me informed as he was about to do something so nothing was a surprise. Berry cordial and easy going. Great bedside manner!! This was only my first visit but I’m sure my subsequent visits will be as good, if not better. Do your back a favor and get over here.” – Yvonne Hien-Moore

“Dr Forster and his team of message therapists and staff have helped me eliminate my back pain and the kept the backs of my family healthy for years. He is always there with the care needed to correct issues from car accidents and sports injuries to stress from our busy work schedules. Dr. Forster even helped me with recovering from Tennis Elbow, so it’s not all just about the back. Whenever I have a friend that needs help recovering to a healthy pain free state, I recommend Dr. Forster and his team.
Several of my friends have all been pleased with his care.” – Melody Norsworthy

“I am very pleased with time and attention to detail I am given by the doctor. Their entire team have been extremely helpful.” – Greg Hill

“Went for the 1st time to Dr Forster as my main chiropractor left his practice. Dr Forster was very informative, and everything he did helped me greatly. I used to go mainly on a “wellness basis”, so just to stay feeling good. I have missed that & I felt so good after Dr Forster worked on me. Since then, always get star treatment by Dr Forster & his staff. Always feel great after seeing Dr Forster, always a wonderful experience. They always make me feel so good. They help me maintain my health. I enjoy my visits with them. Have missed going due to surgery, but am back on track to a good wellness program. Thank you.
Would HIGHLY recommend him to all my friends.” – Vivian Knobloch

“Dr. Forster always takes care of me. The massage was amazing and my masseuse went above and beyond hitting pressure and trigger points in areas I was tight. She even identified a tight tendon in my hips that is causing my hip soreness. Dr. Forster always takes the time to work my neck and back but also my hands and feet which are problem areas for me. He has cured foot pain, hand pain, back pain, headaches, jaw soreness, shoulder pain, etc. I have been seeing Dr. Forster a few years now and recommend him all the time.” – Zack Ingraham

“The best chiropractic care I’ve had.” – Brandon Vann

“Love the professionalism, the warm, friendly welcoming when you come in and the staff and doctors seem to really care. Very dedicated staff. Would recommend them to everyone.” – Paula Kopecki

“As always, I get such wonderful treatment from the total office staff. I enjoy coming in. Everyone is friendly and helpful. Dr. Forster is fantastic.” – Judith Wright

“Wonderful facility with no wait!” – Rebecca Stevens

“I was very pleased with the care and attention given to me by Dr. Forster.” – Mark Patterson

“I had a great experience at Forster. This was my first time at a chiropractor so I was a little nervous, the staff put me as ease and Dr. Forster was great.” – Jason Miller

“After the first session with the Doctor I was very pleased with the clinic and I just have positive points at this moment: #1. The doctor is a very pleasant DC, informative and skillful #2. The Receptionists, administration staff are friendly and helpful #3. The facilities is clean and have varieties of equipment.” – Thao Duong

“I was impressed with their friendly, welcoming attitude and professional skills. My neck pain is much better after a couple of months treatment there. I went in yesterday for a one-hour massage with Amber, and was very happy with the massage and the entire experience.” – Marco Hanson

“Dr. Forster and Staff are attentive and responsive to their clients needs. They work hard to develop a plan to get your health back to where it needs to be.” – Chuck Garner

“Excellent treatment and service. I’m getting great benefits, I’m still undergoing treatment.” – Aditya Kumar

“Short wait. Very positive.” – Tim Hines

“The staff are very friendly and Dr. Forster is very professional.” – Ruth Ann Palm

“Excellent, they always get me back in line! Thanks for getting me in on short notice. I felt immediate relief! Great care that I would highly recommend!Excellent service, they always get me straightened out!” – Randall Pimpler

“It is always a good appointment, everyone treats you very well. thanks, m” – Lucy “Mollie” White

“Great as always.” – Dennis Lilley

“The best Chiropractor in Central Texas, Dr. Forster has provided me and my family with superb services for years. Office staff always cheerful, helpful, and very timely. I was able to get in and out in a timely manner and was seen within minutes of my appointment time. Dr. Forster is second to none in Chiropractic care; I’ll never go anywhere else.” – David Byrne

“We will always have aches and pains but with Dr. Forster it always help to have an adjustment every once in a while I totally recommend it! Aida H.” – Maria Herrera

“Very convenient office hours. I am initially very happy with the quality and type of care I received. I am also very pleased the plan I was given going forward and I don’t just feel like a number, as in just another patient.” – Kim Gibbs

“The results speak for themselves. I had a running injury with my Achilles and was back to 100% within a few weeks. Could not be more thrilled with the results and the staff is very friendly.” – Michael Rampy

“Forster is not easy on you, but you feel better when you leave his office.” – Jerry Young

“Ahhhhh! My pain is starting to go away in a meaningful way and my range of motion is improving. The therapy prior to my appointments has made a world of difference and I am glad I have excercises I can do at home to help. Thank you.” – Sandra Yeric

“I have been going to Dr. Forster for years, had back adjusted, received mechanical therapy and deep tissue massage. Majority of pain was gone within 24 hrs. He is always on the leading edge for new treatment offerings. He provides great relief for lower back, neck, joint pain, etc. I highly recommend him.” – Craig Rosen

“Awesome!” – Elisabeth Nguyen

“Everyone was very polite and very helpful.” – Dale Arndt

“Dr Forster cares and he knows his stuff. I went to him after seeing several doctors for what many doctors have told me is the worst case of tennis elbow they’d ever seen. Dr Forster said I’d be 70% better in 3 weeks and I was. I did everything he told me to do and I now my pain is 99% gone. I’m a professional drummer and a father of 4 young children so it’s great to have my life back. I can do whatever I want, and before I couldn’t even pick up a coffee cup. Thank you Dr Simon!” – Paul Roraback

“He improved my condition very much. Thank you” – Gary Shackleford

“I have been ae patient of Dr. Forster for many years and have always received the best of care. This time was no exception. Staff did usual excellent job. I am very pleased.!” – Lee Henry

“Friendly and professional staff. After treatment hydration available and appreciated.” – Linda Nordhauser

“Great service from every member of staff. Very pro-active.” – John Tritsch

“I have seen both Dr. Alton and Dr. Forster and would recommend them both to my family and friends – the staff was friendly, helpful and efficient – the Drs. were professional and honest – I have only had 1 treatment of Graston Technique and have already seen an improvement – I am looking forward to my continued treatment with both Drs.” – Sharon Hoffman

“Very good care. Staff seems to enjoy working together, like they like each other!” – Lynda Shoquist

“I’m very satisfied with the treatment I’ve received thus far. Everyone has been kind, helpful and very considerate, to my needs. First time ever to use chiropractor, was not as scary as I once thought. I would definitely recommend this facility, to anyone in need. Their patience with me, and my pace of progression, is really appreciated.” – Marla Craig

“The best chiropractor ever! Dr. Forster took time to consult my pain and had the best adjustment at the very first visit. His staff are all very kind and cheerful.” – Haruka Meyer

“Dr Alton and Dr Forster are both excellent. I love knowing that if one isn’t available i’ll be just as happy seeing the other! I’ve always felt like they are truly about resolving your issue and giving you the tools to prevent it from happening again rather than focusing on how many times they can get you through their door and that, to me, is always a sign of a genuinely great Dr.” – Kathryn Vinson

“Wonderful as always. They were a little behind, but they were apologetic about not getting to me as fast as they would have liked. My family and I have been coming for many years. Dr. Forster continues to be great. And although I don’t need to come very often the treatment works like a charm.” – William (Jacob) Tate

“All of my pain demons were excorcised. Wonderful team. I had a great (incredibly painful) experience here. If I ever have pain demons again.. I will go to Forster/Alton. Thank you guys so much. Professional, attentive, caring group.” – Misty Martin

“Great service always” – Dorcas Green

“Great as usual!!” – Michele Cuteri

“Can’t say enough good things about these two Chiropractors. This is by far the best Chiropractic Facility I have ever been to. Dr. Forster is practical in his approach and sets treatment plans with a definitive deadline in sight. He makes it a point to tell you that he doesn’t want you in there any longer than you need to be. He makes the adjustments as scheduled and provides exercises you can do on your own to help alleviate the pain, and they actually work. He is a no non-sense Doctor which we can all appreciate and trust. He is not simply trying to get repeat business. His goal is to get you better. The Dr. is very intuitive in his approach to treatment and is an excellent listener. He is exceptionally gifted at treating the more difficult athletic individuals with chronic pain due to previous injuries or years of repetitive use and abuse to the body. After conducting several range of motion and threshold tests on my body it was recommended that I try Graston treatment to address my ailments. This was coupled with traction and routine adjustments. My body has been through years of abuse that included Collegiate Wrestling, the Marine Corps, and a 7 year deployment in Iraq. My muscles were more like rocks and they constantly ached or caused tension. I can honestly say that 90% of the problems I had are gone and gone for good. The graston has been the best remedy to alleviate my pain. I tried everything and this was the best treatment I have come across. The treatments are less frequent now and at my own discretion….. If I feel an area getting to tense I just schedule an appointment for Graston and it usually takes care of the problem for some time. Im very Thankful and Blessed to have come across Forster Chiropractic. They came highly recommended by my Mother and have certainly met and exceeded any expectations…… Thank You for your Dedication and Professionalism ….” – Kevin Brown

“My back is feeling better.” – Jerry Young

“very satisfied with service received” – Joyce Arnold

“Called for an appointment to take care of severe neck pain from driving. Got in within a few hours and the pain is gone.” – Gregg Madison

“The massage therapist was excellent and focused. Dr. Forester has always been great. I had needs attacking my spine and I was alarmed. The staff got me in right away.” – Cathy Castleberry

“I highly recommend Dr. Forster’s practice to anyone who needs help with injuries, pain and preventative maintenance. Both Doctor’s really do take the time to listen to what your problems are and thoroughly explain what they feel the issues are and their plan to get you out of pain. A big plus with this doctor’s office is the massage therapy you get prior to your adjustment. I have been to many chiropractors and not one offers this critical service. They understand that it is not only important to get the body aligned correctly it is equally important to work on the musculature system that directly affects the alignment of the bones. The staff is always friendly and pleasant when you call to make an appointment or when you come in. All of the masseuses have a thorough understanding of the muscles in the body, how they are connected and what to work on in order to reduce tightness and inflammation.” – Laura Wilcox

“thanks for getting me and after my surgery. i know it is always a hard thing to do with my schedule since I can’t drive. As always my treatment helped.” – Lavina Jeter

“Dr. Forster, thanks most of all for “listening”. For the thorough exam, and relieving part of my pain immediately. I’m so excited to be feeling better.” – Terrie East

“I’ve been suffering for the last 4 years with shoulder pain… on the mend after one visit!” – Lonnie Trevino

“I’ve seen both doctors as well as several massage therapists and have had a good experience every time. I recommend this place highly.” – Kathryn Vinson

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dr. Forster at various music festivals around the country for 15+ years. He adjusts not only the artists but also the teams that run the festival each day, as our work is physically demanding. Without his care, we wouldn’t be happy and healthy after working 4+ 14-hour days. If he’s good enough for everyone from Lou Reed to Jack White – he’s good enough for you!” – Ashley Gillespie

Verified Patient Reviews

Excellent Chiropractors with a great staff (friendly and efficient)

I just started seeing Dr. Forster at the beginning of September 2015. I had gone to my primary care physician with pain in my chest and left shoulder blade. My doctor determined my pain was musculoskeletal and said he could send me to physical therapy, but strongly suggested that I see a chiropractor. I am SOOOO glad I did!!!! Dr. Forster spent time with me explaining where my pains were coming from and what he wanted to do to give me some relief. Following my first treatment, I was sore, but the pains were gone or minimal. After years of neck and shoulder pain, mostly caused from tension, and only two visits with Dr. Forster, I felt like a new person!!!!!!!!!

Friendly staff and prompt service. I always feel better after my adjustment.

Always always have a good experience at Dr Forster’s. The staff is so friendly & all massage therapists I have had are wonderful, nice professionals that make me feel good. Dr Forster is honest with me & always has kind words for me. His manipulations on my back & neck always help me with my wellness.

I have never slept so good in my life! I went in for an evaluation and had a great adjustment

Great staff and Great doctors. I am lucky to have found them. I went in with a very painful problem in my lower back, hip & neck. The doctor seemed to know the specific pain focal points to work on just by feeling to find the specific spots somehow. I left feeling much relief.

Dr Forster has been my chiropractor for nearly 15 years. He adjusts his techniques to suit the particular issues I am having with each visit and has a wonderful manner. I get relief from my chronic pain with every visit!

It was great! Staff and doctors are friendly and professional. They are wonderful and I would recommend them to anyone.

Forster Chiropractic is WONDERFUL ! ! They really care about their patients and what is best for them. I’ve seen Dr. Forster for many years and trust him with my life.

I received excellent care from Dr. Forster. If you have never seen a chiropractor before, this is the place to go. The front desk was caring, competent, and friendly. I also received thorough advise on exercises to do at home. Nobody seemed to be in a hurry. Overall, I felt that the entire staff was there for me, entirely, during my visit. I would recommend this clinic to anyone.

Always gets right to the problem and clears it up. Friendly and kid-friendly staff!

The best chiropractor in the US.

Loved Dr. Forster! He listens to what you have to say and doesn’t already have a preconceived medical plan in place before even meeting you.

As always, the staff is friendly and professional. Doc is always smiling and gives you his full attention. Love this place

I was hurting a LOT and really needed to be seen. I called that morning and they worked me in that afternoon. I didn’t have to sit for hours in the waiting room either. Felt SO MUCH BETTER when I left. THANK GOODNESS FOR FORSTER CHIROPRACTIC!